First, you'll need to purchase access for someone else/vouchers.

1. Once you have made your purchase, go to your My Account page. You may need to log in.

2.  Once you're on your My Account page, click "Access for Others"

3. You will see a list of orders that contain vouchers. Select the order you wish to use.
4. Next, you will see all your vouchers associated with this order. You can enter the recipient's email, then click "allow" to send the voucher.
5. This will update the screen and the voucher will show that it's is "awaiting" redemption by the recipient. Once they redeem it, it will switch to "claimed." You can opt to "revoke" any "awaiting" voucher you have sent and re-use that voucher for someone else as long as it has not been "claimed".

This is a sample of the email your recipient will receive.
Once the voucher has been claimed, it will be labeled "assigned" in your dashboard. Please do not revoke the voucher at this point, as the voucher has been used.