First, go to our website for Madcap University.

Next, click the "Account" icon at the top of the home page.

You may need to log in, if you have not already.

Log in... 

Once you've logged in, you will be taken to your "Profile" page. Click "My Courses" on the left sidebar.

This will take you to your "My Course" page, where you can choose which course you would like to access.

If you see course links that have "Learn More" in the yellow link box, you have not purchased access to this course OR you have an issue with your account. Please contact us if you do not see the "continue to your course" option.
Click the blue "Continue to Course" box to access...

This will take you to your course. On the course player, you can hover/click the blue box with white arrows to bring up the course menu and progress through the course. You can also use the "<Previous/Next>" links at the top to move through the course.